"Since I was young, I've always shared the stories and history of people everywhere, across all industries."


    Ngozi, better known as IzE, specializes in refreshing profile storytelling and the application of historical traditions to current lifestyles, and in-depth digital content delivery surrounding women's lifestyle and wellness, overall alternative education options, business, and financial independence.


    Contributing to several of today's local and national media outlets, IzE's most popular headlines include Creative Loafing's "The Diva in Drake," ATTN's "Abuse in the LGBT Community is Going Unnoticed," and Huff Post's "The Celibacy and Spirituality of Masturbation". These are just some of the stories that align with her goal to always design the ultimate experience for readers, listeners, and consumer to engage in conversation and enlightenment.


    A Johnson and Wales University MBA graduate and Georgia State University alum - IzE is Texas born, Georgia raised, and Nigerian bred. She is dedicated to using her voice and talent to empowering women of color and ensures her work remains a call-to-action for audiences everywhere.

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